8 Interior Design Trends You Can Pick Up for Your Home in 2023

interior design trends

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is fading away, new interior designing trends are emerging with each passing day. Our recent experiences have forced us to focus inward. Perhaps, the lockdown had us restricted to the ergonomic office chairs where no interior designing could have been incorporated.

However, now is the time to cope with the interior design trends that the world is adopting in 2023. No later than the first month of January, various fluxes and clear changes are being seen in the world concerning interior design trends. We must therefore engage meaningfully with whatever product or environment we interact with, to deliver something that goes beyond the mere physical object.

Well, if you are also aiming to enter this new year 2023 with some engaging changes, we have got your back. Let us have a look at the 8 interior design trends you can pick for your home in 2023.

1 – Introducing Earthy Tones 

As someone who adores rich and vibrant hues, recent years may have left you feeling unfulfilled. It has left little room for exploring the vivid and natural tones that surround us, compelling many to stick to uninspired neutrals. But fear not, there are ways to bring a touch of earthy charm into your home and enliven your decor with the hues of the natural world. The earth tone color palette includes murky mustards, chocolate browns, moss greens, and taupes. Usually quite versatile, earth tones are soothing, subdued hues that are rooted in nature. 

Source: Infini at East Coast Condo (work in progress)

2 – The Future is Soft Aesthetic

The beauty of the furniture and the use of soft furnishings are two aspects of home d├ęcor or curating any indoor space. Soft aesthetics are objects or elements in a space that are made of soft materials. Soft furnishings include items like upholstery fabric, curtains, carpets, rugs, pillowcases, sofas, bed sheets, etc. They are essential in creating a habitat’s overall appeal.

An inviting and peaceful atmosphere can be created by using soft aesthetics in the proper mix with other room decorations like wall color, lighting, and hard furniture pieces. Because the future is definitely a soft aesthetic.

Source: Riverbank Condo (look out for the new completed photos soon)

3 – Play with the Shapes 

This design is famous for its playful use of shapes and geometry is the new interior design trend that you can pick up for your home in 2023. Nature is also a great source of exquisite inspiration so are the shapes and angles created. Having a playful geometric pattern for your home can give a neat and tidy look to your space. If you are someone who has a more liking for contemporary looks, this should be your go-to choice.

Source: Holland Link House (work in progress)

For reference of how you can have a playful geometry experience with your space, have a look below. 

Source: Holland Link House (work in progress)

4 – Vintage and Modern – Moving Towards a Mixed Era

To put those inherited items from our loved ones to good use, having a fusion of vintage and modern is a perfect choice. If you’re seeking for more reasonably priced goods for your house, browsing boot sales and antique markets will be helpful.

Making a space look like it has evolved over many years is possible by fusing vintage and modern elements. This will also increase sentimental value and add character to any house by arousing feelings of nostalgia. If you desire a place that mixes contemporary trends with inherited, vintage, or antique designs, however, a balance must be struck to make it appear elegant rather than messy.

5 – Get the Leaner and Lighter Modern Contemporary 

When modern design is separated from a traditional or vintage approach, a minimalist environment is created without any ornamentation, providing a comforting and familiar feeling.

Contemporary style’s sleek and nimble lines are expressed with a greater focus on curved and rounded curves than square characteristics. From a conceptual point of view, it is a straightforward design, but it stands out for its unique and modern personality, as well as its innovative and tailored solutions. Modern style has a more modest and balanced appeal, whereas contemporary style is more fluid, dynamic, and changeable. Both combined, the modern contemporary is now one of the most followed interior design trends in 2023. 

Source: Gentle Drive House (look out for the new completed photos soon)

6 -Stepping Into the French Colonial Era

An architectural style known as French colonial architecture features wrap-around porches, French doors, and ornate details. Homes of the French Colonial kind are frequently constructed of brick or stucco. However, despite the fact that the majority of these houses in the United States were constructed during the French colonial era, colonial architecture has not gone through a similar rebirth. Simplify the wood beading and cornices to give a modern touch to your French home design.

7 – Time to Bring Metal Back

The last few years have been revolving around woodwork in the interior designing setup. More people were inclined towards getting woodwork done in their homes. However, 2023 is expected to be the year of metal pieces. Hanging mirrors having metal linings, sleek metal tables, and metal finishes in your kitchen and bathroom will bring a chic and modern essence to your home.

Source: Wilkinson House (look out for the new completed photos soon)

8 – Contemporary Pendant Lights

Gone are the days when people used to have traditional big lighting setups for their homes which used to occupy a lot of space and still looked unattractive. The upcoming trends for interior designing in 2023 are going to bring pendant lights which bring in the aesthetic and give a signature look to your homes. 

There will be more oversized, large-scale lighting, which acts as a piece of art above the ceiling, as well as statement lighting made of natural materials such as rattan, clay, ceramic, and earthenware.

KHMARA lamp is a spherical cloud designed to softly illuminate the interiors. Rain never falls. It tastes like a summer morning and has a cotton candy aroma. Every ceiling is turned into the sky by KHMARA, who also infuses it with a gentle presence. Khmara lamp is one of the most unique and classic interior design trends that is taking a new shape in the industry. Thank you to our lighting designer partner, Sol Luminaire, for carrying this unique piece!

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